Our students are some of the most talented cellists in the nation.


Here at the International Cello Institute, our students study intensely for 3 weeks. Each year we attract a mix of talented high school and college age cellists, generally up to age 24. We do however make occasional exceptions in certain cases of more advanced younger cellists, so students younger than high school age are welcome to apply.



We encourage students from all around the world to attend our cello institute. We work closely with families and students to ensure ease of travel and a positive experience.

Our program is geared towards intensive study of the cello and the schedule is very structured. If you are interested in traveling in the United States, we recommend that you consider additional travel after the camp. It would not be a good idea to travel before the program starts as students will need to be practicing and in really excellent shape when they arrive. It is common for families to accompany their cellist to Minnesota and do some traveling while their child is at ICI.

We advise our international students to make plans to arrive in Minnesota 2-3 days ahead of camp in order to get some rest and adjust to the new time zone and diet. You will need to make your own travel arrangements, but we are happy to assist you with letters for your visa applications if you need them.

If your departure dates do not line up with the start or end of our program, we will do everything possible to try to accommodate your stay after the cello camp ends.  With advance notice, accommodations can be made either in a hotel or overnight with a host family.